Pavement jointing mortar and gravel binding from ROMEX®

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Since our foundation in 1989, we have specialized in the development, production and distribution of construction chemical products. These include high-quality 2-component pavement jointing mortars, fast-setting repair mortars, clean solutions for grit and gravel binding and our ISATEC® displacement protection system, which is unique on the market. As a pioneer for innovative jointing systems, we realize challenging construction projects worldwide.

That is real added value

That is real added value

Our system with guarantee

Our system of permeable bedding, adhesion elutriant (thin set) and pavement jointing mortar is guaranteed for up to 10 years if laid and grouted professionally in accordance with the applicable regulations. How it works?

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Discover the world of ROMEX®! Compact and informative. Our compendium is your introduction to our high-quality products and solutions for demanding construction projects. From pavement jointing mortars to displacement protection systems, we offer the best for your needs. Dive in and let us convince you of our quality! Download our catalog now and be inspired!

About us

About us

Jointing mortars are our passion

We have been developing, producing and distributing high-quality construction chemical products worldwide since 1989. Our focus is on innovative pavement jointing mortars, grit and gravel binders and the unique ISATEC® displacement protection system. We strive to be No. 1 in the market by continuously developing new, sustainable solutions and by distinguishing ourselves through quality and a system guarantee.